Sunday 16th July 2017
The KCOM Stadium

The day had finally arrived. After 6 months of work designing, building and testing the cart the moment of truth had arrived. We could not agree on a name though. Miss Stephenson and Mr Turner wanted to call the cart “Keith“, we wanted “Jaws” and in the end we settled for “Sharkey McSharkface” with a nickname of Jaws so, not a bad compromise!

We had done a final prep on Friday and, with help from our friends at G4 Design & print Solutions and MOT7, we had a fantastic looking cart with wonderful decal and a very smooth electrical system!

On the Sunday, Miss Brummitt loaded the cart into her trailer and we all headed to the KCOM to set up our pit area and do some final checks/undergo scrutineering.

There were lots of races during the day with schools and colleges from across the region present. There were several classes of carts with different speeds, ours in the G2 class had a top speed of 15mph which felt pretty fast that low to the ground! There were 10 primary schools in our group, some with two teams.

The day started off cloud but that cleared and it got progressively hotter so, wearing our overalls, gloves and helmet got to be quite uncomfortable.

The Team – don’t we look good in our racers overalls?

We won 2nd place in both the Sprint race and the Slalom.

We had a wonderful day and it is something we will never forget!

We want to thank Miss Stephenson for her help and encouragement in getting us to race day, and Miss Brummitt for her support throughout the project. Thanks again to MOT7 and G4 Design & print Solutions along with all our parents for their support before and on the day!

We have really enjoyed this, it has given some of us a real taste for mechanics, engineering and racing!

Thank you Gillshill Primary School and Greenpower for this opportunity.

You can find more official pictures of the raceday here: Greenpower Hull 2017 (opens in a new window)

Team Sharkey McSharkface