Update: 14/07/2017 by Mr Turner

Race day is almost upon us and here is the finished cart. We are looking forward to racing it on Sunday 16th at the KCOM Stadium!

We want to thank our friends at MOT7 and G4 Design & Print Solutions for their kind help and support – we could not have done it without you!

Update: 12/05/2017 by Kelsey Watson

Up to now we have been working on the design of our cart, we have decided to do a shark so it has two fins on each side and and a long tail at the back,with white sharp teeth.

Sharkey McSharkface?

We are making the car panels out of wood but we are mapping out the design using cardboard first. Because sharks are blue the front is going to have big evil eyes and at the bottom some huge teeth as were a time we have given each person a part of the car that they can do as long as it links to the shark.

When some people are designing others are work on the electronics. Even though we only have one girl we all get on and agree and if we don’t we do a vote and highest score wins and then we all just get on with the chosen choice.

Miss Stephenson and Josh hard at work…we think

Update: 17/03/2017

During the last few weeks a team of 7 intrepid students  under the close supervision of Miss Stephenson & Mr Turner, have been working on building a battery powered car that will go up to 15 mph!


We have all named the car the Stevenson Rocket. Do you like it?

It is an aluminium kit design, with about 1000 pieces that all have to be bolted or screwed together.

The car will have a motor that we will be putting together that uses battery power,
For the body work on the car we can use whatever types of paints we want such as:

  • Spray paint
  • Normal paint
  • Water paint

There a re a LOT of wires and bolts used to build it and the diagrams are very complicated!

There are 3 races in total.

  • Slalom
  • Sprint
  • Multi-team track race

The last race is where all the winners have to race around the track to decide 1st,2nd and 3rd

Our the team members will drive the kart in turns. There are 6 races of each type.


For a full list of the partners for the Hull Greenpower Series click here (External site – opens in a enw window)

The team is Kelsey Watson, Josh Hall, Alfie Brookes, Kai Smelt, Liam Crawford , Thomas Jimmeson and Harrison Mays.