Parent Seminars

We endeavour to engage our parents as much as possible in their child’s education.  We offer parents the opportunity to come into school and work with their child in English and Maths to gain a deeper understanding of how the children are educated.

Below are links to the booklets and information we give out during those sessions.

Y5/6 Team
Year 6 Maths Booklet.pdf
Year 5 Maths Booklet.pdf
Parent workshop Y6 Addition and Subtraction resources.pdf
Parent workshop Y6 Multiplication and Division resources.pdf
Parents Y6 multiplication and division diamond mining.pdf

Year 3/4 Team
Year 4 Maths Booklet.pdf
Year 3 Maths Booklet.pdf
Y3_4 Maths seminar 2016.pdf

Year 1/2 Team
Year 2 Maths Booklet.pdf
Year 1 Maths Booklet.pdf
Gillshill Phonics Screening Seminar.pdf
Grammar and Spelling Games younger 5-7.pdf
Grammar and Spelling Games.pdf

Foundation Stage
Rec Maths Booklet.pdf