Year 2 Curriculum Information

We believe that children have a right to expect a curriculum which is fun, motivating, interesting and most importantly purposeful. We strive to develop imagination through a stimulating, creative environment where every child has the opportunity to shine.

At Gillshill Primary School we aim to deliver all subjects thoughtfully and to make links that are relevant, appropriate and purposeful to the area of learning.



Year 2 Summer Term




Year 2 Foundation

Year 2 Curriculum information for Autumn 2017

THEME The theme in Year 2 this first half term is An Island Home. We will be sharing Katie Morag stories with the children and learning all about life on an island settlement. Each subject will be linked into this theme. In Art we will be looking at William Morris and Andy Goldsworthy and thinking about designs inspired by nature. The Science focus this term will look at the natural and manmade materials on the Isle of Struay and will involve exploring the properties of these materials and how they can be changed.
For the second half term the theme is Fire, Fire, Fire. We will be the focusing on the History of the Great Fire of London and in Design and Technology we are going to be looking at, and designing a fire engine.

EDUCATIONAL VISITS Over the next academic year we have planned a number of engaging and curriculum based visits for the pupils, developing and enhancing their learning. In the Autumn Term this includes a visit to Humber street to complete the ‘Hello Hull Arts Award.’

PE Indoor P.E. is on a Wednesday and outdoor P.E. is on a Thursday. Pupils must wear the recommended Gillshill t-shirt or a plain white, black or yellow t-shirt and a plain pair of black shorts. (No football or rugby kits are to be worn) Please ensure plain warm clothes are provided for outdoor PE as the weather becomes cooler. Trainers or suitable foot wear needs to be provided for outdoor P.E lessons. No jewellery is to be worn. so if earrings are not removed micro pore tape/plasters must be provided. Can we please ask that all belongings are clearly labelled and PE kits are kept in school in labelled PE bags.

HOMEWORK Homework will be given out on a Friday in the children’s homework books. It will be linked to our classwork and theme. Please support your child with their homework encouraging them to think independently. Homework must be completed in pencil. It is to be returned the following Wednesday for marking please. The children are familiar with where their homework books should be placed when they are completed.

READING Please read school scheme books but also share a range of books with your child as much as possible. Please record this in the Home Record Log. School reading books will be changed weekly, or as required, after they have read with a member of staff or an adult volunteer. Bug Club is also a fantastic reading resource with e-books and questions to support reading development—more details are to follow. If your child has finished their book before it is changed please continue a variety of different books at home. There is strong evidence to show that success in reading is followed by success in writing.

SPELLING Children will receive weekly spellings to learn in a home spelling book. In addition to learning their spellings, pupils are required to explore the word meanings and write these in simple sentences. Spellings are to be tested on the following Tuesday. Please help your child to practise their spellings on a separate piece of paper developing recall of letter order and understanding of the spelling patterns been focused on. It is also useful for the children to look up the word meanings in a dictionary and to discuss the rules and letter choices.

BEHAVIOUR We follow the School’s Behaviour Policy using a range of rewards and sanctions appropriate to the children’s age. In Year Two we have the following in place:
Children are awarded merits for good work, effort and behaviour. At the beginning of each day the children start on the sunshine and if they work really hard they get to go onto the
super star! In Year Two we celebrate Star of the Week. In addition a child is also chosen for the weekly achievement assembly. Verbal and written praise is used constantly throughout the school day from all members of the Year Two team as well as the Senior Leadership Team.

Unfortunately when the children do not follow the rules they will be given a verbal warning. If behaviour continues the rainbow and rain cloud are used to show further warnings. If a child is on the rain cloud they will miss some of their playtime, during which they will reflect on their behaviour. However, serious behaviour incidents are noted in the red behaviour book and the child will be sent to a member of the Senior Leadership Team. In this case parents will be informed and sanctions such as missed playtime or golden time will be enforced. The
class rules are created with pupils at the start of the year so they can take ownership for them and work hard towards achieving them.

END OF KEY STAGE ONE STATUTORY ASSESSMENT This year is a particularly important one for your child as they will undertake the Statutory end of Key Stage Assessments during May. Please try to avoid family holidays during this time. Children will be assessed in the areas of Maths, Reading, Writing and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. We be holding a SATs seminar for parents, to explain the procedures for the assessments shortly. There will also be an opportunity to discuss these arrangements further during individual parent consultations. If in the meantime you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HEALTHY SNACKS & DRINKS We do provide fruit for pupils at playtime within Early Years and Key Stage One. Pupils are able to bring a healthy snack for break time, such as a piece of fruit or cereal bar but this must not contain chocolate. This should be separate from any packed lunch items. Please provide a named water bottle, which is taken home daily to be washed and refilled. Pupils can refill their bottles during the school day.

STAFF COMMUNICATION Can we ask parents to speak to staff at home time rather than a morning, unless it is an emergency. As you will appreciate, it is very busy getting the children into school and their safety is paramount. We do not want to keep them waiting to start the school day. Appointments can also be made at the office for meetings before or after the school day at a mutually convenient time. If you have any questions or queries we would be delighted to answer them; do not hesitate to call in, see us or email. We would also appreciate any support in the classroom, especially assistance with hearing the children read, completing admin duties and making props etc. Please let us know if you are available and an induction will be organised for you.

We look forward to a happy and successful term sharing many exciting educational experiences with the pupils and watching them develop on their Year Two journey.
Mrs J Rozenbroek – Deputy Head/Phase Leader
Mrs C Millen – Class Teacher
Miss Start – Class Teacher
Mrs A Makey – Class Teacher